Why Use A Broker

At Green Family Mortgage our only job is finding you the best loan program available. We are independent and do not work for a one particular lending institution nor are we tied to just one product line. Because we are not tied to anyone we can search all lending sources to find great rates, often lower than what many banks can offer.

And as a small local family owned business, we offer individual counseling and advice pertaining to your particular situation. Our number one goal is to leave you feeling comfortable and happy. We don't work for a bank. We work for you.

Comparing Green Family Mortgage with a standard bank:

Green Family Mortgage

  • No Out of Pocket Cost to Client
  • Our Specialty is Mortgage Financing
  • Often Easier to Qualify
  • We have access to Multiple Lenders and Private Money
  • We Offer the Discounted Bank Rate
  • Available 24/7
  • Strong Preapproval Letter to accompany your Offer
  • We live on referrals-- which means it's in our interest to keep you happy.

Standard Bank

  • No Out of Pocket Cost to Client
  • No specialty. Required to Deal in Many Unrelated Fields and Products
  • Stricter Qualifying Criteria
  • Only One Bank and limited loan products
  • Standard Posted Bank Rate
  • Limited Hours only at the bank
  • Standard non-customized bank Pre-Approval Letter
  • Large marketing budgets for TV and radio-- not referral dependent.